Super Suds Foam Gun Vehicle Wash Concentrate



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Super Suds is a Super Concentrated, High Foaming Vehicle Wash Shampoo especially formulated for Foam Cannons & Foam Guns. Besides being biodegradable and a neutral pH it's perfect for unlocking loose contaminates with its mild cleaning action. Great for removing soils and road film. It can be used as a pre decontamination step during the wash-up and prep prior to claying the vehicle surfaces.

Versatile enough for a Foam Cannon or Foam Gun or just adding a few ounces to a bucket of water. Works well thru proportioners/diluters as a foam arch detergent too! Experience the amazing film build of rich suds thickness which hand on the vehicle longer for deeper penetration. With a super-wide spray pattern, you will be able to wash a vehicle in less than 5 minutes!
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