Synthetic Wax Inorganic Liquid Paste Wax


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Our Synthetic Wax is a Completely inorganic version of the traditional liquid paste wax. It’s formulated to form a strong silica film and does not contain any carnauba wax. The improved formula of this inorganic paste wax provide the same glossy, smooth finish but will provide higher levels of hydrophobicity and water-beading effects. Synthetic Wax also resists detergent and high temperatures, so unlike carnauba wax, Synthetic Wax won’t disappear after a hot day in the sun!

This product is formulated to be extremely easy to apply and remove, making it perfect for the car enthusiast!

Use our Synthetic Wax with our Lake Country 6.5 inch Hybrid Black Finish Pad or the Reflection Artist Uro Tec White Finish Pad with a polisher, or it can be applied by hand with a CCS Euro Foam Red Ultra Soft Finishing Applicator!

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