Tar Remover VOC - Quart



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Tar Remover is an excellent Non Flammable product that is to be used to remove tar splatter that can typically be found on the lower body panels of all vehicles. This product will quickly break-down and melt away tar deposits and road grime. Wash and dry vehicle and then spray a liberal amount of Tar Remover onto a soft towel then rub onto affected body panels. There is not any hazmat fee associated with this product.

This product is not permitted to ship by air, it must ship by ground. If this product is included with other items that you order and you request air shipping it will not be packaged with the rest of your order. You could be charged an additional shipping fee because it must be shipped separately due to it being sent ground. 

Please note this product is known as a Limited Quantity chemical through the PA Dept. of Transportation and is not allowed to ship USPS, please choose UPS.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.
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