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Tornador Foam Gun will generate aerosol type foam using your favorite multi purpose cleaners or our Black Cherry or Heads Up Car Wash Soaps w/Wax. Save time and money when using the Tornador Foam Gun. Perfect for carpets, seats and exterior car wash & cleaning applications. Now you can control the amount of foam and strength by using the products you normally use in detailing operations. No more bucket and high water pressure to create multi purpose cleaning foam. Just like the Tornador Cleaning Tool the Foam Gun is operated with compressed air.

Just connect to an air compressor, for best results pressure psi should be set at 75-90 psi, do not use over 110 psi.
The Foam Gun includes a built-in brass air regulator, no need to purchase one below. The regulator will enable you to adjust the amount of foam dispensing. Great for cleaning wheels, grills, convertible roofs with your favorite cleaner. The foam makes the difference!! Try our Aqua Seal Wet Surface Polymer Sealant and apply with the foam gun for a quick and thorough application!

We Now Include Two Diffusers For Wide Or Broad Applications, See Images!!

CLICK HERE for the Tornador Foam Gun Data Sheet and Usage Instructions.

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