Wonder Lube Clay Bar & Nanoskin AutoScrub Lubricant - 5 Gallons



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Wonder Lube is a water based automotive surface lubricant, some refer to it as "Clay Bar Wax". Wonder Lube can be used with any type of detailers clay bar or Nanoskin AutoScrub product. Typically you would "clay" the vehicle to remove contaminants after you have washed it. This product makes it easier for the clay bars, towels, mitts and pads to glide across the surface. Keep your Nanoskin AutoScrub Towels, Mitts and Pads clean and conditioned with Wonder Lube.

Wonder Lube should also be used when "claying" a vehicle to remove paint over-spray. Many professional auto detailers now "clay" the vehicle surface after washing it prior to detailing it. Using Wonder Lube when claying a vehicle will keep your clay bar from breaking apart and actually increase its life. Pour a few ounces of Wonder Lube in your plastic clay storage case to keep your clay bar moist and ready to use. Spray a mist of Wonder Lube directly on the surface that will decontaminated.  product has a great juicy fruit scent, is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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