Wonder Lube Clay Bar & Nanoskin AutoScrub Lubricant - 5 Gallons



  • 5 Gallon

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The Wonder Lube Clay Lubricant is a water-based lubricant that is to be used in conjunction with clay bars and Nanoskin AutoScrub products.  This lubricant creates a slick surface for the claying process, allowing the clay to easily glide over and scrub your paint.  Don’t clay without this top-notch product!

Features & Details:

Allow clay bars and Nanoskin AutoScrub mitts to effortlessly slide across your paint.  The claying process needs great lubrication to properly function.  Clay bars and Nanoskin products will glide over surfaces sprayed with Wonder Lube, grinding away contaminants without scratching your paint.

Increase the life of your clay bar.  Using Wonder Lube while claying will prevent your clay bar from breaking down and coming apart, conserving its life and saving product.

Treat your clay bar while in storage.  Pouring a few ounces of Wonder Lube into a plastic clay storage case will keep your clay bar moist so that it’s ready to use when you need it.

Use with cellophane to test surface contamination.  An excellent way to test your painted surfaces for contaminants is to put your fingers on a piece of cellophane and slide over a surface sprayed with Wonder Lube.  You will be able to tell the level of contamination by the grittiness you feel on your fingers.

User-friendly and easy to work with.  All you need to do to use Wonder Lube is pour it into a plastic spray bottle and spray directly onto your surface.  It is biodegradable and produces a lovely juicy fruit fragrance that makes the claying process a lot more pleasant!

For Best Results:

Spray directly onto your surface before claying or using Nanoskin AutoScrub mitts or towels.  Slide clay bar across your surface in back and forth motions to clean your surface.  Rinse off.

To test your surface, spray with Wonder Lube and run your fingers across the surface with a piece of cellophane.  If it feels gritty, the surface contains contaminants, and if it is smooth, the clay bar has done its job properly.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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