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The Special Force Plus All Purpose Automotive Cleaner is a highly concentrated, non-caustic cleaner that is impeccable for cleaning your entire vehicle, inside and out.  Safe to use on paint, fiberglass, vinyl, and more, this cleaner is a must-own for anyone who wants to keep their car spotless without having to buy an arsenal of chemicals to do so.

Features & Details:

Safe and versatile.  Use the Special Force Plus All Purpose Automotive Cleaner on fiberglass, paint, convertible roofs, bed liners, truck covers, door jambs, wheel wells, grills, and vinyl.  Perfect for spot cleaning virtually any surface on your vehicle.

Keep your interior as clean as your exterior.  This all-purpose cleaner is also ideal for removing grime, dust, and fingerprints from the most touched areas of your interior.  Safe to use on your dash, gear shift, glove compartment, and any vinyl, or plastic.

Great for removing grime from wheel wells and rims.  For wheels that aren’t caked in dirt (this product is one level below the Citrus Degreaser), the Special Force Plus gets the job done.  Bring that metallic shine back to your rims and make brake dust vanish with a quick cleaning.  This can also be used on lightly soiled engine compartments.

Bring life back to nooks and crannies that are hard to keep clean.  The Special Force Plus attacks built-up dirt in places such as gas caps, cupholders, door jambs, and floor mats.  This powerful cleaner triumphs in neglected areas that are often overlooked during the detailing process.

Double as a cleaner for vehicle accessories.  Truck beds are just as exposed to the elements as the rest of your vehicle.  Use the Special Force Plus to clean beds, bed covers, convertible tops, and running boards.  You can even use it to keep your boat shining in the summer sun!

For Best Results:

Spray the Special Force Plus onto a Microfiber Super Towel and clean your desired area.  For filthier areas such as your wheels, engines, and floor mats, use an older towel and save the newer ones for your paint and interior surfaces.

For hard to reach areas, use a soft-bristled brush instead of a towel.  A brush can be more effective in areas such as door jambs.

That’s it!  Just spray, wipe, and be done. The Special Force Plus is an all-in-one cleaner that makes detailing a breeze for anybody looking for a quick clean.

Available in a Pint, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon. (55gal must ship via Freight - call for freight quote or we will contact you after you order)

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