Auto Detailing Clay Wonder Bar - Extra Light Cut


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Our Wonder Bar Extra Light Cut Auto Detailing Clay Bar is a professional light duty clay material that is made exclusively for the use with automobile paints. A great product to remove environmental pollutant fall-out during regular car washes.

Clay for auto detailing works by hydroplaning (floating) over the surface you're cleaning on a thin layer of clay lubricant. When the clay encounters surface contamination, it abrasively grinds it away. Detailing clay shears off any foreign material above the level surface of the paint.

Our Extra Light Cut Wonder Bar will remove pollutants on the paint before it has a chance to be embedded into the clear coat. You can use this clay bar for after hand washing and rinsing. Will not remove protection or scratch clear coat.

Our  auto clay bar will remove road grime (tar, grease, tire rubber),  bug & bird remains, rail & brake dust, and road salts. Our auto clay bar will also remover hard water deposits, environmental fallout, and light acid rain spots.

Net weight 228 grams.

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