Auto Detailing Clay Wonder Bar - Extra Light Cut


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The Auto Detailing Clay Wonder Bar Extra Light Cut is a light-duty clay that grinds road grime, pollutants, insect remains, and brake dust off your vehicle’s paint.  Safe to use on clear coats, the Light Cut Clay Wonder Bar blasts away contaminants that regular washes cannot remove.

For Best Results:

Remove foreign materials above the surface level of paint.  Even though they can be hard to see with the human eye, particles of contaminants collect on your clear coat.  Regular car washing doesn’t remove everything; the Clay Wonder Bar Extra Light Cut will remove light amounts of surface contaminants.

Creates a layer of lubricant to scrub without marring.  The Clay Wonder Bar hydroplanes over your paint, sliding across your surface without scratching your clear coat.

Abrasively grind away an array of contaminants.  The Clay Wonder Bar will attack road grime, rail/brake dust, road salt, water deposits, and insect remains that stick to your paint.

Eliminate pollutants before they become embedded in clear coat.  The Extra Light Cut Clay Wonder Bar should be used after regular washing and rinsing.  This ensures that you clean every source of contamination before it has a chance to cause damage.

Leave your paint smooth to the touch.  Use cellophane and lubrication to test the status of your surface.  After applying a proper level of clay, your fingers should glide right across your paint like you’re touching silk!

For Best Results:

Give your vehicle a regular wash and rinse before claying.  You can leave the surface wet to clay, but make sure there is no soap on the surface because it can deteriorate clay.

Test the debris level of your surface with a piece of cellophane and lubricant.  Spray your surface with water and glide the cellophane across with your fingers.  You will be able to feel the level of debris by the smoothness (or roughness) of the paint.

Spray your surface with Wonder Lube Clay Lubricant to ease the scrubbing process.  Roll your Extra Light Cut Clay Wonder Bar into a ball and flatten.  Using a back and forth snaking motion, gently rub the clay onto your paint.  Avoid working in circular motions to avoid marring.

When your clay bar gets dirty, refold and flatten.  Once you are done, rinse off with water and test your surface for smoothness.  

Net weight 228 grams.

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