Auto Detailing Clay Wonder Bar - Medium Duty


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Our Auto Clay Bar is a professional medium-duty clay treatment and utilizes the best clay bar material. This medium duty clay bar is made exclusively for the use with automobile clear coat paints. A great tool to remove paint over-spray, industrial & environmental pollutant fall-out, other above surface pollutants, rail dust, fresh bird dropping stains, and tree sap.

Many detailers now use clay to deep cleanse the paint before buffing and waxing. New car dealers use clay to fix minor paint imperfections rather than buffing with a rotary buffer.

Clay for auto detailing works by hydroplaning (floating) over the surface you're cleaning on a thin layer of clay lubricant. When the clay encounters surface contamination, it abrasively grinds it away. Detailing clay shears off any foreign material above the level surface of the paint.
Our Wonder Bar will remove pollutants on the paint before it has a chance to be embedded into the clear coat. Once the vehicle is clayed then polish or wax can be applied for a slick and protected surface.
Great "before and after" test is to wet hood of vehicle, rub surface gently with cellophane and feel the grit in the paint with your fingers through the cellophane. Next clay the paint and repeat the cellophane step. You and your customers will notice a huge difference.
Try our Wonder Lube to use as a lubricant while claying the painted surface to remove paint over-spray. Our Wonder Lube does not contain alcohol and will not remove paint protection.
Save polish consumption when buffing by claying the vehicle during the wash up & prep. Your buffing pad will not get as polluted and the buffing stage will actually finish quicker because much of the contaminants were removed while claying during the wash up. Our clay will not remove wax, and will not fall apart under normal usage.


• Net Weight: 228 grams

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