Auto Detail Business Start Up Kit III

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Not every vehicle that you will be detailing and performing paint correction on will be able to be handled with the dual action polisher included with all of our auto detailing start-up packages. Some vehicles will have paint issues that only a rotary buffer will be able to fix. You will acquire commercial accounts as you grow your detailing business. These commercial accounts typically lease their work type vehicles and will request that you remove the paint imperfections so these vehicles can be turned back in to the leasing companies without affecting the security deposit.

Detail King’s Auto Detail Business Start Up Kit III includes everything that our Auto Detailing Start Up Kit II comes equipped with. Plus.... you also receive the Makita Rotary Buffer along with 3M edge Foam Buffing Pads and Edge Pad Conditioning Brush. This Start Up Kit will put you into the Fast Lane so you will be able to offer additional levels of exterior paint correction service for both retail clients, wholesale and fleet accounts and used car dealerships.

By having the additional equipment - the Makita Rotary Buffer will help separate you from your competition! Plus… you will now be able to offer profitable full-service car exterior paint correction services and increase the average ticket for each of your details. Providing paint correction and leveling services will enable you to repair imperfections in the paint that most orbital polishers simply cannot repair.

Using Detail King’s products will yield you details that will blow your customers away! Using the best detailing products in the industry along with our extraordinary customer support will help keep you on top of your game and continue to cultivate new customers and repeat business.