Promotional Detailing Flyers For Boats, Motorcycles, RV's & New Automobiles


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These Promotional Auto Detailing Flyers are perfect if you may reside in an area where there are many motorcycles, RV's and/or boats. Just like an automobile these vehicles too need to be cleaned, polished and preserved.

RV's can cost well over $100,000 and boats along with motorcycles can be very pricey as well. Just like automobile, their owners want them looking good and be protected against the havoc that mother nature can bestow upon them, but they do not always have the time to take care of them they way they should be.

All of these flyers can be edited so you can insert your business name and logo, contact information, web site, social media channel info and pricing. All the guess work has already been done.

Detailing motorcycles, boats and RV's are huge money makers, and professional detailers all across the great USA are charging by the hour or by the foot.
The national average charge per foot to wash and detail an exterior of a boat or RV ranges from $15 - $20 per foot! Expert motorcycle detailing can range from $50 - $100 per hour! These are all great niches to cultivate in your area.

Once you customize these 8.5" x 5.5" color flyers with the name of your business, business logo, contact information, service package and pricing you are ready to hand these out at RV shows, RV parks, motor cycle shows, motor cycle shops, boat shows, boat marinas, practically anywhere you can find these vehicles. Their owners want a reliable and professional detailing service to keep their baby cosmetically looking good and protected!

The fourth and final flyer included with this CD is the New Car Protection Package. Typically the new car dealer may offer a package like this and it would include a polymer paint sealant, fabric guard protection, leather and vinyl treatment and leather conditioner.

Car Dealers charge close to $1000 for a new vehicle protection package at the high-end car dealerships. You can offer this package for about 25% of what the dealers charge and do a much better job and still make a considerable profit. This flyer can be customized to best suite your needs and can be distributed anywhere you can find new car owners. You can be very creative where to pass these out.

You must identify who the new car owners are in your area and present them with this flyer within 60 days of their purchase. It has been said that the "love affair" with a new car purchase lasts about 60 days, so that is the best time to promote your services to them.

You do not have to purchase any software to print these various flyers. You can print a sample of each and take the printed sample with your hand made changes along with the CD to any professional copy or print center like FedEx Kinkos or even Office Depot. We recommend that you have them copied or printed in color on a slightly heavier stock paper.

Remember unless you have adobe illustrator you cannot make any changes to the flyers, you will need to take the CD to a FedEx Kinko's type of copy center that has the software to edit your flyers to your specifications. It only usually will take them about 5 - 10 minutes for basic changes.

Note: this CD cannot be returned under any circumstances
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