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Our Auto Detailing Forms CD consists of 5 popular auto detailers forms that are a must to use to manage your business effectively.

The first form is an Auto Detailer's Checklist. This checklist is used to "inspect" the detail after it is completed. It features a 50 point check list for both interior & exterior components. This is perfect for the detailer to use to check his or her work or have the foreman check the detail once it has been completed. There is a section for the customer's name, date, detailer, & foreman’s signature. This is also great to hand to the customer showing everything that was done.

The next form is the Detailers Evaluation Checklist. This form features 26 different componets that may need addressed by the detailer to the customer so the detailer can provide an accurate estimate. It shows the customer how the detailer established the price for the job. This form also enables the detailer to sell extra profitable services like fabric protection, rock chip repair, carpet dying, & headlight restoration. We use this form during the customer interview to justify the detailing price for that particular job.

Next, is the Existing Damage Report. Usually you would print this form on the back side of the Evaluation Form. This form enables the detailer to describe and show any existing damage on the vehicle prior to the detail. This form is similar to what car rental agencies use. This form will show an image of a car, pick-up truck, mini van and an SUV. You do not want to be blamed for existing damage this will eliminate that possibility.

Next is a well organized invoice. This invoice has everything you will need including customer information, how they found you, method of payment, etc. This invoice can be printed on a 2 part form an even have your printer number them.

Our final form is the Customer Response Card. You would give this card to your customer after the detail and have them mail it back to you. It asks them how they liked the detail, the person they dealt with, the time it took, and a comments section. The card can be addressed with your company name and address on the opposite side and you can stamp each card with postage so all the customer needs to do is complete it and mail it back to you. This will enable you to have a good idea how the customers like your work. It is like a "report card" for your business. Many customers will not call you to tell you if they did not like your detail they just want call you again. This is a way for them to evaluate your job and for you correct any issues.

These Auto Detailing Forms were produced in Adobe Illustrator Software.
You or your professional printer needs this software to make any changes you may want. You can print these forms from your computer printer, hand make the changes and then take the hand made changes along with your CD to your professional printer to print them for you. This CD will save you hundreds of dollars of set-up costs and assure that you will have quality, professional forms.

Note: this CD cannot be returned under any circumstance