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Our Profit Centers Auto Detailing Promotional Materials CD contains 5 different handbills that you the professional auto detailer and reconditioning expert would place on or inside the vehicles that really need any of these services. 

Included in this CD are large style post-card size handbills for:

• Headlight Restoration
• Paint Chip Repair
•Plastic Trim Restoration
•Carpet Dying
•Cigarette Burn Repair 

All of these handbills can be edited so you can insert your business name and logo, contact information, web site, social media channel info and pricing. All the guess work has already been done. This CD was developed in Adobe Illustrator software. 

You do not have to purchase any software to print these various flyers. You can print a sample of each and take the printed sample with your hand made changes along with the CD to any professional copy or print center like FedEx Kinkos or even at Office Depot or Staples. We recommend that you have them copied or printed in color on a slightly heavier stock paper than typical copy paper. 

Once copied or printed now the fun starts! Take a generous handful of your custom-designed flyers to local parking lots where there are lots of vehicles parked. Look for vehicles that could really use Headlight Restoration, Paint Chip Repair and Plastic Trim Restoration. 

Place the appropriate card(s) just above the drivers door handle between the weather stripping and the glass, about 1/2 way down the glass. DO NOT OPEN THE VEHICLE. When the owner returns to the vehicle he or she will see your offer and contact you to get the services done. Be sure to show a regular price and a discounted price with a reasonable expiration date. Our flyer models will have all of this information on them to help you decide what you want instead. 

The other two handbills are for carpets that are faded and stained that could use your carpet dye service and for carpets and upholstery that have cigarette burns. These flyers can be left at the counters of car washes, express lube centers, tune up shops, muffler shops, body shops and repair garages. Ask the store manager if you could leave some on his counter and if he or she can provide you with some of their flyers for you to hand out to your customers. Its a Win-Win! 

Remember unless you have adobe illustrator you cannot make any changes to the flyers, you will need to take the CD to a FedEx Kinko's type of copy center that has the software to edit your flyers to your specifications. It only usually will take them about 5 - 10 minutes for basic changes.

Note: this CD cannot be returned under any circumstance
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