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Detail King's Auto Detailing Training Video DVD set is the next best thing if you can't attend the Hands-On Business Opportunity Training Seminar in Pittsburgh, PA. Detail King® has produced 4 AMAZING Auto Detailing Marketing & Hands-On Training Videos that total about 5 Hours of viewing. The Video Series contains info on How To Start, Operate & Grow an Auto Detailing Business PLUS Step By Step Methods & Procedures of how to Professionally Detail a Vehicle.

Learn what you need to do to start a new auto detail business. Watch us detail an entire car including the engine, the interior and the exterior. All 4 videos total about 5 hours of step-by-step instruction how to professionally detail a vehicle along with what you need to know to start and grow your detail biz. We include our written Auto Detailing Methods and Procedures Guide and a FREE 22 page copy of the video narrative of How To Start, Operate & Grow an Auto Detailing Business. This series is also a great training aid for your sales and detail staff & even a good review for the seasoned pro.

How To Start, Operate and Grow an Auto Detailing Business (Disc 1):

Many "to be" owners of new auto detail business start-ups have no clue of what they need to do to legally start their new biz. Our 2 hour video DVD "How to Start, Operate & Grow an Auto Detailing Business" will explain what the future entrepreneur needs to know to get started, operate & grow his or her detail business. We will discuss how to lay-out the ground work and what should be included in a business plan. The video will also explain about the permits and licenses needed to operate your new business legally along with how to choose a biz name and promote it effectively.

Nick Vacco, President of Detail King will reveal his trade secrets that he has used over the past 32 years of operating a very successful and profitable auto detailing business, mobile detailing business, aftermarket installation appearance center, express detail and lube center, limo company, car wholesaling dealership, and for the last 17 years, Detail King! You will learn the most effective ways to promote your auto detailing business through advertising, promotion, prospecting, marketing, social media, direct email, text alerts and face-to-face selling. He will also teach you the most successful methods to generate reoccurring revenue through repeat customers and referrals.

Most new auto detailing business owners do not know how to price their jobs and usually don't charge enough and eventually go out of business. In this video Nick will teach you how to determine what your hourly operating cost is, and how to determine your profit margins. You will also learn the type of insurances needed to operate your business, how to choose a credit card processor, and the pros and cons of operating a mobile or an affixed auto detailing business.

Nick will show you how to obtain profitable commercial accounts, and how to advertise your business inexpensively with ways that you would of never even thought of. This video is an excellent tool for individuals that are already in business but may be struggling to keep ahead of the competition. Nick will teach you how to leave your competitors in the dust! We will include a 22 page DVD Narrative A Text Follow-Along for this Training DVD Video.

Engine, Wash-Up & Prep (Disc 2):

The washing, scrubbing and prepping of the vehicle prior to detailing it is just as important as the actual detail itself. If you do an inferior wash-up and prep, your detail will take you much longer and probably not turn out as well. In this video we show you how to properly clean, detail and dress an engine compartment and all the precautions you should take. Engine detailing is not hard to do and you can make up to $50 or more in about 20 minutes. We teach & show you what to do so you can perform profitable engine cleaning services for your customers.

You will also watch and learn how to clean and scrub all of the exterior components prior to giving the vehicle the final wash. We will show you the correct steps and tools needed to scrub wheels, wheel wells, tires, bumpers, grills, convertible roofs & more. You will see the proper brushes and chemicals needed to get the vehicle prepared for the detail. You will also learn how to Clay the surfaces to remove environmental fall-out so the paint is perfectly smooth, clean and ready for the buffer and polisher. Bug and tar removal are also part of this process. You will see the proper way to remove both of those. We recommend watching this DVD first and reviewing the Methods and Procedures Guide for this portion of the training soon afterwards.

Interior Cleaning & Detailing (Disc 3):

Not just anyone can clean and detail an interior of a vehicle properly without learning exactly what to do and in the correct order. There are several components on the interior of a vehicle and it is critical that you know how and when to clean, detail and condition each particular component. Our Interior Cleaning & Detailing DVD will show you how to do it in the correct order and most profitable way.

Time is money and auto detailing is very labor intense so it is vital for you to learn the proper methods and procedures from the very beginning. You will watch and learn the proper way to completely clean, scrub, detail and condition a vehicle interior.

Our trainer will demonstrate how to vac, air purge, clean headliner; leather seats, upholstery, carpets, vinyl components, console, dash and all the nooks and crannies. This video will also teach you how to scrub and prep dirty carpets, the proper way to operate a heated interior extractor, how to use the Tornador interior cleaning tool and the best way to clean windows. Once you learn the proper way to clean and detail the interior of a vehicle, you will be better prepared to tackle Exterior Detailing because of all the many things you need to observe and detail in the interior of the vehicle.

Exterior Polishing & Detailing (Disc 4):

Knowing how to properly and professionally buff, polish and detail the exterior of a vehicle will save you time and help you and your detail team generate more revenues. You want your work to stand out and knock your customers' socks off! A ho hum detail will never achieve that. The vehicle's paint must Dazzle and Bling, the chrome should sparkle and all the trim and tires should look like new again. This video will show you what you need to do to make it all happen. You will see demonstrations of wet sanding, heavy compounding, light compounding, glazing, polishing, & sealant/wax application. You will also see the use of various buffing and polishing pads and how to determine the best product to use with them. We will show you how to use a rotary buffer and various orbital polishers.

You will watch our trainer compound, glaze, wax, dress and detail the exterior of a black vehicle. This video also will show you the best methods for dressing tires, vinyl and plastic trim. We will show you all of our techniques so you can learn how to make your customers vehicle's Bling Bling! Separating yourself from your competition should be your goal for 2016. This video will help you do that!

If you are just starting out in business or adding detailing to your existing business our Auto Detailing Training DVD set will be of great value to you. This is one affordable way Detail King can provide our years of auto detail training expertise for you. Our "Take Home" Auto Detailing Business Training Package Includes All 4 Training DVD's as described above, our Methods & Procedures Guide, & the 22 page narrative for "How To Start, Operate, & Grow an Auto Detailing Business" DVD. (Catalog & Promo Flyers Included)
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