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Product Details
The Spill Defender Automotive Fabric Protection is a water-based, fluorochemical protectant that guards your interior fabrics against stains and spills.  This is an essential product for accident-prone people or those who can’t stand the sight of a stain on their precious fabrics!

Features & Details:

Form a barricade between your fabric and potential stains.  The Spill Defender bonds to your fabrics and carpets, shielding them from everyday contaminants.  Apply this product to get ahead of the curve, attacking stains before they set in.

Wick away spills with ease.  Liquid stains are the worst – juice, soda, coffee, and tea can all ruin a perfectly clean seat or carpet.  Surfaces treated with the Spill Defender deflect liquids so that they can’t soak into fibers and become difficult to remove.

A little bit goes a long way.  You won’t have to worry about running out of Spill Defender anytime soon.  One gallon of this product provides approximately 200 feet of protection!  Very cost-effective for professional auto detailers.

A must-own product for anyone who can’t seem to keep their car interior clean.  Some of us just can’t avoid spills and stains; construction workers, mechanics, parents of young children, and pet owners all live this reality.  Don’t wait until stains get engrained in your fabric to act – prevent with Spill Defender!

Extremely easy to apply.  There is nothing complicated about applying the Spill Defender.  Just spray, lightly scrub, and wait to dry.  It works long hours so you don’t have to.

For Best Results:

Clean your upholstery before applying the Spill Defender.  You want to spray it onto a clean surface.

For carpets, spray evenly, applying more to heavy traffic areas.  Lightly brush your carpet upwards after the product dries.

For upholstery, first test on a small area for color fastness.  Typical coverage equals ¼ to ½ quart total for front and back seats.  Allow drying before using it.

Consider using a Pressurized Sprayer to quickly and evenly apply Spill Defender.

Stop fretting over every little spill on your fabric!

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.
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