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Affordable and Fully Upgradeable with Patented PRISM Technology

Our Auto Glass Repair Kit is a technically advanced entry level Spectrum windshield repair system. This professional windshield repair kit is perfect for the repair technician who wants to perform high quality profitable repairs but does not wish to utilize our 12-volt machine technology of our more advanced Maxim system. Only the highest quality components and precision machining go into each Spectrum system. Glass Technology’s Pre Resin Injection Suspension Method (PRISM) is built into every Spectrum glass repair system offering cutting edge windshield repair technology at a very affordable price.

The Spectrum with PRISM technology allows the resin to initially be held off the glass in a specialized suspension chamber while maintaining a vacuum. Once the resin has been released, precise pressure can be applied; resulting in a perfect windshield repair. The Spectrum system is fully upgradeable. As with all of DK's Glass Technology systems, if you ever wish to upgrade your Spectrum system to a more advanced DK Glass Technology model, we will credit you 100% of the Spectrum system purchase price towards the retail price of the upgraded system. You can purchase your new system knowing that as the demand for your service grows and the complexity of the repairs increase, you can upgrade without sacrificing your original investment in equipment. The Spectrum is compact. Organized in a 20”x15”x9” technician case and weighing only 11 lbs. this system is designed to be light, compact, and portable.

Quicker and Clearer Repairs

The benefits of using the Spectrum injector over traditional injection products include: a process that is much easier to operate, reduced glass repair times and enhanced repair clarity. In fact, most repairs will be completed in a single vacuum and pressure cycle, which will allow any glass repair technician to complete more repairs during the workday and add more profits to their bottom line. In the end, you will be able to take on repairs that your competitors can only envy; more importantly, you will keep your customers coming back time and time again. As with all of DK's Glass Technology systems, your Spectrum injector features a lifetime warranty.

Highest Quality Resins

Use Diamond Clear™ resins for performance you can see and repairs you can’t. Resin performance is critical for successful repairs and Diamond Clear resins are considered to be the best in the industry. They are specially formulated to flow into the tightest cracks, provide maximum strength and durability, and yield results that are undetectable to the human eye.

Upgrade the Spectrum System with the Advanced Diamond BluWaveTM Ultraviolet Curing System

Why use a Diamond BluWave curing system? Traditional curing methods use low intensity, low wattage florescent bulbs that produce a very weak ultraviolet output. Most if not all windshield repair resins require ultraviolet light to create the cross linking and cross hatching that allow UV polymer molecules to bond to the glass as well as each other. If a low output or low intensity light source is used, the results will be a slow curing process and the cross linking that produces stronger more cohesive adhesion properties will be adversely affected.

The Diamond BluWave is a high intensity UV curing process which insures proper cross linking and cross hatching, which results in a stronger and faster cure.
Not only faster, the Diamond BluWave’s concentrated light source can focus the most intense part of the light on the repair area, compared to a traditional fluorescent bulb which reflects the light using a simple polished metal mirror reflection.

The Diamond BluWave system incorporates special high intensity light emitting diodes (LEDs) to direct the specific UV wavelength needed to cause the molecules to stimulate, thus generating the energy needed to produce the chemical reaction required to initiate the curing process.

The high intensity LEDs are positioned to completely surround the damaged area being repaired.
This unique design allows the technician to cure the repair while under pressure and still maintain physical and visual contact with the area being repaired. No other curing system can do this.

The technician can have complete control when he wants to cure and can do so without removing the injector and exposing the repair to air that can reenter the newly repaired area.
These engineering improvements will ensure that you can perform a repair which not only conforms to the Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standards (ROLAGS), but exceeds all existing requirements.

Why Cure Under Pressure?

Small, sometimes invisible air pockets exist even after several vacuum cycles. Despite the best efforts of even the most experienced technician, air pockets can remain in the repair area. Because air compresses very easily and liquids (resin) do not, the pressure applied to force the resin into the break fully compresses those tiny air pockets and they become invisible to the naked eye. Curing the repair while under pressure will ensure a perfect repair every time. Additionally, it forces more resin into the damaged area which improves the overall strength and effectiveness of the repair.

Glass Technology is leading the way through innovation. Diamond BluWave in concert with PRISM technology will consistently produce the best and strongest repairs possible. We challenge any company to prove otherwise. If you want to produce better repairs than you ever have, the intense Diamond BluWave curing system is for you. This patent pending technology is exclusively manufactured by Glass Technology. Be sure to speak to a trained DK team member to learn more.
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