Automotive 3M Wet Sanding Kit



  • 2000 Grade
    2500 Grade

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Product Details
With this Automotive Wet Sanding Kit you receive all the wet sanding materials needed to complete a full wet sanding job on the exterior of a vehicle.

Whats In The Box?

Auto Detailing Accessories:

  • Meguiars Unigrit Finishing Paper  - remove deep scratches, "orange peel," water spots, acid rain etching and other serious defects. . . Learn More

  • 3M Rubber Sanding Block  - is used in conjunction with our Unigrit Finishing Paper to assist with restoring paint. . . Learn More

  • 3M Rubber Squeegee  - comes in handy when wet sanding scratches to move water away from area being sanded. . . Learn More
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