Back To School Gold Car Care Kit


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Make a lasting impression by using this "Back To School" Gold Car Care Cleaning Kit. This kit has all the greatest products you need to make your vehicle stand out. Bugs are always a problem especially in the late summer and early Fall months, our Bug Off and Bug Sponge will remove those nasty bug splatters in seconds! The Medallion Chrome Polish can be used on all types of metals, aluminum, silver, gold and even nickel! Make your ride shine on your way back to campus. Be the Chick Magnet you always wanted to be with a clean and gleaming car!

Whats In The Box?

Chemicals (32 oz):

• Heads Up Wash & Wax In One - Heads Up Super High Foaming Car Wash is specially formulated with premium grade carnauba wax to help protect your car between washes. . . Learn More

• Bug Off - is a powerful cleaning product that will quickly remove bug splatters from all of the vehicle's surfaces. Bug Off has protein enzymes that melt away those nasty insect splatters and environmental protein fall-outs. . . Learn More

• Final Touch Ultra Express Wax - is fortified with wax and is an excellent product to use in between details and exterior polishing! This product works fast and easy on all painted surfaces, clear-coat, plastic, and metal. Safely removes dust, mild road grime, fingerprints and water spots. . . Learn More

Medallion Metal Polish (16 oz) - will quickly and easily make high polished metals shine with a high luster. . . Learn More

• Ice Interior Car Scent - is super concentrated, lasts long, can be sprayed on carpet or upholstery. . . Learn More

Towels & Wash Mitts:

Commercial Bug Sponge - is a commercial grade auto detailing sponge that aides in the removal of all bug splatters. . . Learn More

• Microfiber Jumbo Drying Towel - is made of high quality microfiber material making it very absorbent and its Jumbo size (24" x 32") will enable the surfaces to be dried quickly eliminating the chance of spotting. . . Learn More


• Detail King Car Wash Bucket - five gallon large plastic heavy-duty bucket with metal handle. Great for wash-ups and interior cleaning. This bucket will not bend, crack or easily leak. Excellent product used by professional detailers. Our buckets also proudly display the Detail King name. . . Learn More

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