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Chameleon Premium "Touch Free" Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is our best wheel cleaner and a highly effective acid free, non-caustic, pH balanced, cleaner for all types of wheels: steel, alloy, chrome, painted, powder coated, uncoated and anodized aluminum.

Effortlessly (without using aggressive brushes) Chameleon will loosen and remove stubborn grime, such as burnt-on brake dust, oil, grease, rubber residue and other road dirt from wheels, rims, hub caps and lug nuts. As all Chameleons do, our Chameleon Premium Wheel Cleaner will change from a light translucent yellow color to a deep color red foam when it is time to rinse the dirt and grime away!

Use a soft wheel brush to agitate the cleaner if necessary then rinse. Brushing is not always necessary and only if the wheels are really horribly dirty. This amazing product will do most of the work for you saving you time and money!

Compare to Sonax Wheel Cleaner for price and effectiveness. You will love our Chameleon Premium Wheel Cleaner!

Chameleon is Ready To Use! Spray evenly on cool, DRY wheels. Let stand for a few minutes. Chameleon will turn a deep red color as it contacts and dissolves brake dust and soils. Use a soft brush or microfiber wash mitt to brush to loosen overly stubborn grime. then rinse thoroughly.

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