Show Prep Auto Shampoo - 16 oz

Item No: DTK252-PT


  • Pint

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Product Details
Is a premium citrus based auto shampoo designed to cleanse your paintwork and leave behind a brilliant shine. Boyd’s contains a fresh citrus scent and is 100% surface friendly. The innovative hyper-wash utilizes the natural cleaning power of citrus to break down heavy dirt, debris, and road grime.

Boyd’s Auto Shampoo is formulated with unique gloss enhancers to create a vibrant shine to any colored paintwork. Boyd’s Auto Shampoo is super slick to provide the perfect washing experience. The citrus-based formula allows the natural citrus cleaners to lift dirt and road grime from the surface for a scratch free auto wash.

Boyd’s Auto Shampoo is great for professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts searching for a high performance auto shampoo. Boyd’s Auto Shampoo works great on all paint colors to deliver that perfect shine. Boyd’s Show Shampoo is widely regarded as the ultimate auto shampoo and is used by professional detailers, car collectors, classic car enthusiasts, and owners of modern cars.
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