Crisp Streak Free Glass Cleaner

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The Crisp Streak Free Automotive Glass Cleaner leaves glass clean and glistening without streaks or smearing.  Safe to use on glass, plastic mirrors, and chrome, this product smells great and is able to refract light.  No diluting is necessary; just spray, wipe, and enjoy the clear view from your driver’s seat!

Features & Details:

Make streaks a cleaning side effect of the past.  The Crisp Streak Free Automotive Glass Cleaner will not leave smear marks or residue on your glass or chrome.  This saves you multiple cleaning sessions and bothersome streaks that hinder your view.

Special ingredients refract light.  Unlike your typical glass cleaner, this product refracts light in a different manner.  Sun rays can be brutal, especially in the summer, so ensure that you are getting the clearest possible view out of your windows.

No mixing or diluting necessary.  Many glass cleaners add an extra step to the process by requiring dilution.  The Crisp Streak Free Automotive Glass Cleaner is ready to use out of the bottle, making your cleaning experience a one-step process.

A Green Apple scent that is fresh and inviting.  When cleaning the interior of your windows, you want a product with a scent that is easy and pleasant to breathe.  The green apple scent of the Crisp Streak Free Automotive Glass Cleaner will make your interior smell brand new.  Who needs an overpowering air freshener when your glass cleaner does the job?

Tell insects to bug off!  This cleaner excels at removing bug splatter from your windshield, grill, and paint.  The Crisp Streak Free Automotive Glass Cleaner is truly a jack of all trades when it comes to glass care.

For Best Results:

Use the Crisp Streak Free Automotive Glass Cleaner in conjunction with one of our Ultra Microfiber Window and Glass Cleaning Towels.  This towel is stronger and more effective than your average towel and does not leave streaks.

Use one side of the towel to rub the cleaner into your desired surface and flip it over to dry and buff.  And just like that, you’re done!

*** Works Great To Remove Bug Splatters from Windshield, Grill & Paint ***

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

Available in a Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

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