RTU Glass Cleaner & Window Microfiber Package


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We receive calls all the time from many of you that have trouble cleaning windows without getting any streaks, smudges and smears. Our RTU Glass Cleaner & our Ultra Microfiber Window Detail Towels are the best car glass cleaner combination ever! This glass cleaner is totally remarkable the way it dissolves dirt, and window film that accumulates on the glass. Our new Window Microfibers absorb the dirt and cleaner into the towel's fibers and your windows are sparkling clean without any smears & are left lint free.

We guarantee this will work and make you window cleaning simply get done quicker with outstanding results.

Whats In The Box?

RTU Glass Cleaner (gallon) - is ready to be used, no mixing or diluting. This product will effectively clean glass, plastic mirrors, and chrome without leaving a film or smears. . . Learn More

Black Diamond Towels (dozen) - will out-last any other towels that you are using now and will not leave smears or streaks on your windows. . . Learn More

Proper Maintenance:

Properly caring for your auto detailing towels is one of the most crucial things you can do as a detailer. Detail King formulated Micro-Klean, a special detergent specifically for microfiber wash mitts, mops, and towels. Detail King highly recommends this product to extend the longevity of your mitts, mops, and towels.

Additionally, Detail King has written several articles on "How To Care For Auto Detailing Towels". These articles give extra insight and proper instructions on the process of proficiently cleaning your auto detailing towels.