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The Blue Diamond Premium Automotive Polish & Sealant is an amazing car polish that will make your car the envy of your neighborhood!  This polish is 100% silicone free and safe for any body shop.  It is a one-step process that cleans, polishes, and seals your paint for up to six months.  Remove scratches, oxidation, buffer swirls, and any imperfection with this industry-leading polish and sealant.

Features & Details:

Blue Diamond Premium Automotive Polish & Sealant will make your paint’s imperfections disappear.  This includes micro-scratches, 3000 grit sanding scratches, buffer swirls, light oxidation, and water spots.  Safe to use on any paint or chrome, this polish works miracles in a one-step process.

Protect your car’s paint while leaving it car show ready.  This polish not only cleans and restores paint, but leaves a glossy, non-oily, sparkling shine.  Restore glitz and glamour to your paint while sealing and protecting the surface at the same time.

Safe for use in body shops or at home.  The Blue Diamond Automotive Polish is 100% silicone-free.  It will buff without clogging pads and can be applied by hand or with an orbital polisher.

One application of this polisher will protect your car for four to six months.  Apply our STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant after applying Blue Diamond for even longer-lasting results that will protect your paint for up to a year.

Tips for Use:

The Blue Diamond Premium Automotive Polish & Sealant is safe to use on fresh paint, but for best results, wait 30 to 60 days after applying a fresh coat of paint because the paint dries from the inside out.

While applying the polish by hand with a cloth is effective, using a buffer is the better option for removing imperfections.  We suggest using our Flex Dual Action Buffer at about 400 RPMs.  We also offer a wide array of Orbital Buffer Pads that are safe and effective.

After buffing, use a Lake Country Hand Polishing Pad to finish the job and leave your paint clear enough to see your own reflection!

Available in a Pint, Quart, 1 Gallon, and 4 Gallon Case.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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