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Product Details
The Diamond Cut Ultra High Performance Paint Leveling Compound is a body shop safe, fast-acting leveling compound designed for medium to heavy-duty scratches and paint imperfections.  It leaves a glowing, glossy finish that is perfect as a step-one application in the paint correction process or just as a quick way to remove scratches and swirls.

Features & Details:

Designed to remove 800 grit or finer sand scratches.  The Diamond Cut Ultra High-Performance Paint Leveling Compound is more aggressive than our original Diamond Cut compound, meaning it can cut through scratches and other paint blemishes in less time.

Leave your paint looking like a mirror.  The Diamond Cut Ultra provides a high-shine, haze-free finish that restores life to weathered surfaces after one application.  It also produces a mango scent that compliments your fresh finish!

Great, body shop safe compound for step-one of the correction process.  Apply the Diamond Cut Ultra to remove scratches and swirls.  Then use our Blue Diamond Premium Polish and Sealant to add further gloss and protection.  Step three is the STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant, which can protect your paint for up to one year!

Advanced technology produces minimal dust and swirling.  Dust is an unwanted byproduct of compounding, but the Diamond Cut Ultra produces almost no dust.  Cut down on the time you spend cleaning up pesky dust particles.

Ideal for detailers working in hot, humid climates.  Compounding in hot, humid environments presents challenges such as product drying out quickly and leaving behind a haze.  The Diamond Cut Ultra is haze-free and swirl-free, standing up to demanding weather conditions that inferior compounds cannot withstand.

For Best Results:

Shake your bottle of Diamond Cut Ultra and deposit five dabs of compound onto your polishing pad.  We suggest using one of our  Flex Polishers and a Lake Country CCS Yellow Compounding Foam Pad.

Work in 2 ft. by 2 ft. sections.  Spread the compound and adjust the speed of your polisher according to the needs of your surface.  Press harder for more aggressive correcting.  Use overlapping motions.

Once compound diminishes, slow your speed until your surface is glossy.  Wipe the remaining product with a Microfiber Towel and move on to the next step of the correction process!

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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