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The DK Spray Shine is an ultra-convenient spray shine that restores color and gloss to both interior and exterior plastic and vinyl trim.  It’s perfect for a quick detail and for reaching those elusive nooks and crannies!

Features & Details:

Bring luster back to plastic and vinyl.  Dust, dirt, and fingerprints make plastic and vinyl look old and dull.  The DK Spray Shine will give your surfaces a makeover so that they have that brand-new glow.

Dress hard-to-reach interior areas of your vehicle.  Some areas of your interior seem to always evade your detailing attempts.  Places such as AC vents, crevices next to the center console, door panel pockets, and under door handles can all be tricky to detail.  The DK Spray Shine reaches where conventional dressings cannot.

Treat exterior trimming.  The DK Spray Shine also works great to revamp black trimming, plastic mirrors, and windshield wiper cowls that fade and weather.  This one product can restore all your plastic and vinyl inside and out!

Unbelievably easy to use.  There’s nothing complicated about applying the DK Spray Shine.  All you need to do is spray and shine!  No messes, spills, or greasy residue.

Invigorating fragrance.  When detailing your interior, you want a product that leaves a scent you can live with while you drive.  The DK Spray Shine has a splendid cream soda scent so that your surfaces smell as good as they look!

For Best Results:

Spray directly onto your desired surface.  Let the product sit for about 15 seconds and then wipe with an applicator.  Use our Sponge on a Stick Swabs to reach into small spaces such as AC vents.

Well, that was quick and easy – just how detailing should be!

Net Weight: 19 oz


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