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The Pink Power Automotive Interior Cleaner is one of the best interior cleaners for all vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces.  This cleaner features a balanced, non-caustic compound that is ideal for removing grime from door interiors, center consoles, dashboards, steering wheels, and glove boxes.  The Pink Power Automotive Interior Cleaner is a jack of all trades that will make dirt disappear, restore life to your interior, and turn cleaning your car into a rewarding experience.  

Features & Details:

A little Pink Power Automotive Interior Cleaner goes a long way.  It is made of concentrated compounds that require only a light spray and damp brush or towel to work their magic.  The cleaner penetrates vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces for a deep clean that easily removes dirt and grime without harming surfaces.

Say goodbye to greasy fingerprints on your door interior!  The Pink Power Automotive Interior Cleaner is the perfect solution to cleaning accumulated grime from hands, arms, and shoes on your car doors.  Keep the most touched and abused parts of your interior looking fresh by applying this multi-talented cleaner to all door surfaces.

Optical brighteners will not only clean your surfaces, but restore the rich colors your vinyl, plastic, and leather had on the day it left the dealership.  Either cut the solution with a bit of water or use a dampened brush or towel to activate suds that lather surfaces without drying them out.

Relax knowing that the Pink Power Automotive Interior Cleaner is safe to use and eco-friendly.  The cleaner is properly pH-balanced to clean effectively without drying out or stiffening surfaces.  It is also biodegradable, does not leave a residue, and smells great.

Tips for Use:

Spray the Pink Power Automotive Interior Cleaner sparingly at first, as it is a concentrated compound.  It can also be sprayed directly onto a soft-bristled brush or a cloth towel.  We suggest using our Car Interior Utility Scrub Brush or the Microfiber Interior Cleaning Towel for the best results.

Ensure that the brush or towel is damp before you scrub your desired surface so that the suds will activate the cleaning process.  You may also cut the cleaner with water to dilute the compound.

Know your surfaces!  Use soft bristles on vinyl, and spray the cleaner on a towel if the surface does not require scrubbing.  For leather, spray a small amount on a towel and wipe lightly to ensure only grime and not any color is being pulled off.  Older, less-conditioned leathers are more sensitive.  Once the health of the leather is assured, you may lightly scrub the leather with a soft bristle brush.

Available in a Pint, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon. (55gal must ship via Freight - call for freight quote or we will contact you after you order)

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