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The Leather Magic Cleaner and Conditioner for Cars is a multi-talented, two-in-one product that scrubs and restores leather surfaces in one easy step!  Leather is the skin of your vehicle’s interior – make sure you treat it as such.  This product is like lotion for your leather, moisturizing and nurturing surfaces back to health.

Features & Details:

Multitask like a pro.  Save time, product, and labor costs with the Leather Magic Cleaner and Conditioner.  Combining the cleaning and conditioning steps is a huge time-saver and very cost-effective for auto detailers.  Also great for car enthusiasts working on busy schedules.

Lift contaminants so they are easy to wipe off.  Leather seats take a beating day in and day out.  Dirt, dust, grime, and body oils collect in grooves and crevices and gradually build up over time.  The Leather Magic will penetrate these areas, bringing grime to the surface.

Hydrate and restore natural color.  Just like cracked, dry skin, leather needs to be moisturized and conditioned.  The Leather Magic does just this, restoring leather’s natural color in the process.  

Reestablish leather’s natural scent.  One of the best things about leather interiors is the intoxicating natural scent they produce.  This lovely scent diminishes over time, but the Leather Magic will bring the aroma back, so that your surfaces smell brand new.

Perfect for any leather surface in need of rejuvenation.  The Leather Magic is great for car seats, steering wheels, and center consoles.  But it can also be applied to home furniture, boat interiors, and office equipment.  This one product serves all your leather-related needs!

For Best Results:

For more well-maintained leather surfaces, you can apply the Leather Magic with our Interior Microfiber Towel or Microfiber ApplicatorUse a light-colored towel to avoid pulling color off the leather.  Damp the towel with water and test to ensure only dirt is being pulled off your surface.

Spray water onto your towel and a few squeezes of Leather Magic.  Rub the product into your surface and wipe off with a clean towel.

Leather that has heavier contamination can be cleaned with a natural horse hairbrush.  Apply the product to the brush and work into your surface to reach grooves and crevices.  Wipe with a towel when finished.

Clean and conditioned leather should have a natural, matte-like finish.  Shiny leather indicates oil and dirt build-up.

Available in a Pint, Quart and 1 Gallon (Quart & Gallon currently have an 8 week lead time!).

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