Final Touch Ultra Express Spray Wax



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Final Touch Ultra is fortified with wax, making it the best spray wax and a excellent product to use in between details and exterior polishing
! This product works fast and easy on all painted surfaces, clear-coat, plastic, and metal. Safely removes dust, mild road grime, fingerprints and water spots. Not only will it enhance the shine but it will help maintain the level of paint protection. Great to use just after you have washed and dried your vehicle. Also, Final Touch Ultra is safe to use and perfect for Matte finishes.

Perfect for spot washing or dry washing without water. Leaves a wet-look brilliant shine. Excellent product for car dealer showroom cars and a perfect custom car wash up-sell service for professional detailers. Final Touch Ultra will safely remove dirt particles from the vehicle's painted surface without scratching. F.T. Ultra surrounds the dirt particles and lifts them off the surface without damaging the paint. An Amazing Product!!! One of Detail King's best sellers.

After you wash and dry the car spray this product on and wipe off with a microfiber towel for a wet look shine! You can also use it as a quick detailer to remove light debris, bee polin, tree sap and dust particles without scratching the paint. Pleasant peach scent, orange in color, body shop safe and VOC compliant.

Available in a Pint, Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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