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The Laguna Beach Best Tire Dressing is a thick, sponge-on dressing that protects your tires and imparts an enduring, vivid shine.  It’s a great, easy-to-use product for both auto detailers and everyday drivers looking to add some extra zip to their tires!

Features & Details:

Silicone guards your tires against harsh elements.  The Laguna Beach Tire Dressing contains silicone, which forms a protective shield around your rubber.  Push aside contaminants and stain-inducing materials from the road.

Leave a lively, high-volume shine.  The Laguna Beach Tire Dressing is like a glow-up for your tires.  Restore color and verve to dull, withered rubber that has lost its beauty over time.

Choose a product that stands the test of time.  The super thick consistency of the Laguna Beach Tire Dressing outlasts many competing sponge-on tire dressings.  Since a lit bit of product goes a long way, one bottle of dressing will last you an extended period of time.

Wick away water.  The Laguna Beach Tire Dressing is extremely hydrophobic, keeping your tires shining even in the rain.  Water, slush, and road spray will bead and run off your tires, extending their life.

Incredibly easy to work with.  This dressing is VOC compliant, biodegradable, and simple to use – just rub into your tires and wipe.  Plus, it produces a lovely pina colada scent, so you feel like you’re actually at Laguna Beach!

For Best Results:

Apply the dressing to a sponge-like applicator, such as our Contoured Tire Dressing Applicator.  Make sure your tires are clean and dry before applying.

Allow to sit for a few minutes, then wipe off any excess product to avoid sling.  And just like that, your tires are shining once again!

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