Black Dress PRO 50mL Ceramic Infused Trim Restorer w/ Applicator

Item No: EXT-BDP50

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Product Details
The Black Dress Black PRO infused with ceramic revives and protects black exterior plastic and vinyl on your vehicle.  Quick and easy to apply, this product will instantly restore life to your faded black surfaces!

Features & Details:

Restore that rich, black color to dulled plastic and vinyl.  Black is a sharp color for any part of your vehicle; unfortunately, it’s highly vulnerable to fading.  Rub the Black Dress PRO into grayed surfaces to bring a deep, jet black tone back to weathered exteriors.

Protect your surfaces against future damage.  The Black Dress PRO doesn’t just restore, it defends against pollutants.  Fight oxidation, dirt accumulation, and sun rays that age plastic and vinyl.

Durable and long-lasting.  The Black Dress PRO contains silicone-free polymers that protect your surface long after application.  Protection should last at least six months, depending on the level of contamination faced.

Refurbish an array of exterior components.  The Black Dress PRO works great on plastic door handles, plastic side mirrors, bumper trimming, wiper arms, and even vinyl convertible tops.  These are small areas that can really make your car pop!

Easy and quick to apply.  You will be able to rejuvenate black plastic and vinyl in a matter of minutes.  The Black Dress PRO employs a simple rub-on and rub-off method that is easy for amateur detailers.

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