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The Premium Polymer Boat Sealant is a long-lasting, hard-bodied sealant that forms a protective barrier between your painted surfaces and outside elements.  This product takes on the sun, water, and wildlife that weather your boat’s body, ensuring you stay shining all summer long!

Features & Details:

A powerful blend of polymers, resin, and Zonyl safeguards your paint.  The Polymer Boat Sealant should be applied after you have compounded and polished your paint.  It creates a durable barricade once bonded to your surface.

Leave an unparalleled shine.  You want to seal your boat with a product that not only protects, but is also visually stunning.  The Polymer Boat Sealant invigorates clear coats and fiberglass (with or without gel coats) surfaces with a silky smooth finish that sparkles in the sunlight.

Skip waxing!  The Polymer Boat Sealant is a suitable replacement for waxes; it is more durable and more resistant to heat.  Save yourself time and money by applying the Polymer Boat Sealant.  It also smells like bananas, making the whole process a lot more manageable!

Defend your boat against nature’s unrelenting onslaught.  Boats are constantly exposed to all kinds of elements: oppressive UV rays, water debris, storms, bird droppings, pollution, etc.  The Polymer Boat Sealant fights back, brushing off surface stains and shielding sun discoloration.  

One application will last through boating season.  The Polymer Boat Sealant will protect your paint from nine months to one year – meaning you can take advantage of every sunny day without worrying about protection!

For Best Results:

Shake the bottle of Polymer Boat Sealant and apply several small dabs to a polishing pad.  We suggest using the Lake Country Ultra Soft Sealant Pad and a Rupes Bigfoot DA Polisher or Flex Dual Action Polisher.

Apply the product to your surface using a low setting.  After applying to your entire boat, wait 10 to 20 minutes for it to dry to a haze.

Buff the sealant off with a Microfiber Towel.  You’re ready to turn heads at the marina!

Note: This is the same product as our famous STS 3000 Polymer Sealant.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.
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