Bottoms Up Undercarriage Dressing

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Bottoms Up Vehicle Undercarriage Dressing is a silicone based dressing that leaves a deep, dark finish on plastic fender liners and other underbody parts. This product is usually the finishing touch on a wheel well detail after a good cleaning – leaving a satin black finish.

  • Silicone protects your undercarriage from road contaminates. Bottoms Up contains silicone that bonds to the undercarriage surfaces and creates a protective shield that fights against inevitable road spray that splashes your fender wells, and other undercarriage surfaces.
  • Achieve a deep dark shine. Restore the rich dark color to your fender wells and undercarriage. Fender wells and undercarriages easily lose their luster and can quickly fade to a grayish pigment. Bottoms Up formula is designed to ensure your undercarriage stays lustrous and bold.
  • A shine that lasts. Bottoms Up is silicone based which stays on longer than other water-based products.
  • Very user – friendly. Bottoms Up is VOC compliant, environmentally friendly, non-flammable, and detergent resistant.

For Best Results:
  • Make sure you clean your fender wells and undercarriage before applying Bottoms Up Undercarriage Dressing. Consider our Citrus Degreaser to scrub the dirt and grime from your undercarriage.
  • If applying Bottoms Up by hand, use an Automotive Dressing Applicator. Make sure to cover all grooves and crevasses.

Available in a Pint, Quart, and 1 Gallon.

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