BUFFPRO White Finishing Pad - Red Ends


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The Finishing Pad for BuffPro® Model JF180 Axial Polisher, is an open cell polyester foam pad that works with our glazes, one step products and even waxes and sealants to provide unparalleled final finishing results. The wide bite and fine cells mean that polish stays where the work is being done and that you finish all of your work quickly and uniformly. 

We recommend the BuffPro® Finishing Pad for final polishing, glazing or as a one-step wax cleaner/sealer. This pad can also be used on stone, fully-cured primed or painted metal, soft body compounds, maintenance on gel coat, finishing work and bringing raw metal to a high-gloss shine. Designed for extended professional use, these pads easily wash out with Pad Renewer Solution and resist being saturated with glazes. 

This pad will last between 30-40 polishings.
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