Buff & Shine Reflection Artist Pad Kit

Item No: QP-6RA

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  • 5"
  • 6"

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If you are not already familiar, the Reflection Artist Pad Line by Buff and Shine Manufacturing is a select combination of some of the most innovative pads available in the industry today. This unique pad combination was created from our current URO pad lin, as well as specially designed NEW pads created to complete this ALL-IN-ONE pad system! Buff and Shine Mfg. developed a way to make it even easier to become a Reflection Artist by creating an easy-to-use kit containing all the pads you need!

Each kit will contain one each of your choice of either 5" or 6" (loop) sizes of all 5 pads from the Reflection Artist pad line.

o    NEW Grey Uro-Wool™ Blend pad

o    Uro-Fiber™ microfiber pad

o    Uro-Tec™ maroon foam pad

o    NEW Uro-Tec™ dark blue foam pad

o    Uro-Tec™ yellow foam pad

Part# QP-6RA contains 1 each of 6KWB, 692MFP-BK, 672BN, 656BN, 634BN

Part# QP-5RA contains 1 each of 5KWB, 592MFP-BK, 572BN, 556BN, 534BN

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