Buff Brite Flamethrower II (QUICK DISCONNECT)


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The Buff Brite Flamethrower II is an LED light attachment that easily connects to your polisher so you can locate and expel swirls and scratches while you polish!  This attachment produces a blazing beam of light that illuminates hard to find paint imperfections – ensuring you never have to stop working to find areas that need correcting!

Features & Details:

A brilliant light source that ensures you don’t miss any imperfections.  Depending on the color and condition of your paint, scratches and swirls can be hard to spot on your surface.  The 800 lumens LED light of the Buff Brite Flamethrower II provides ample illumination so you know the exact condition of your paint.

Attaches to your polisher so you can work while locating scratches.  The Buff Brite Flamethrower II easily connects to the front of your polisher so you can find imperfections without having to stop working.  This is a huge time saver!

Long-lasting battery power will last you an entire day of polishing.  The lithium-ion battery in the LED light is rechargeable and lasts at least 7 hours on a full charge.

Attach to nearly every kind of polisher.  The Buff Brite Flamethrower II is compatible with nearly all rotary and dual-action polishers, so you can easily switch between polishers according to your needs.

Durable and versatile.  The Buff Brite Flamethrower II was designed to sustain wear and tear in body shops.  It has an aluminum frame and an anti-vibrational mount.  You can also choose between three different light settings so you are prepared for any job thrown your way!

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Included with the Buffbrite Flamethrower:
- 800 Lumen LED Rechargeable Cool Blue light (2600 mAh battery & USB charger)
The Lithium-Ion Battery usually lasts 7 hours or more on a full charge
- BuffBrite Arm
- Anti Vibrational Mount
- Attachment Hardware (QUICK DISCONNECT)

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