Buff Brite Flamethrower II (QUICK DISCONNECT)


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Time to toss that old headlamp… the Buffbrite Flamethrower II  LED Light is here! The BuffBrite Flamethrower is a 800 lumen LED rechargeable light that will help you locate and eliminate swirls and scratches while performing paint correction!

The Buffbrite Flamethrower attaches to your Rupes or Flex buffer, ensuring proper lighting while you buff or polish! Comes with 3 different lighting settings (bright, dim, and strobe) to tackle any job.

Included with the Buffbrite Flamethrower:
- 800 Lumen LED Rechargeable Cool Blue light (2600 mAh battery & USB charger)
The Lithium Ion Battery usually lasts 7 hours or more on a full charge
- BuffBrite Arm
- Anti Vibrational Mount
- Attachment Hardware (QUICK DISCONNECT)