Heavy Duty Water Blade


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The Water Blade has a extension that will help quickly remove water from your vehicle's surface and drastically cut your drying time! Wipe away 90% of standing water with this ultra-flexible blade.

"Blade" seems like the wrong word for this great new product because it's not sharp at all. But blade does a good job describing how the Water Blade cuts through water. It's unreal! Like its older siblings, the Water Blade is designed to cut your drying time by two thirds by whisking away 90% of standing water. After washing your vehicle or after a quick rain shower, there's no faster way to dry your vehicle than the Water Blade!

We don't have to tell you how important it is to completely dry your vehicle after washing it. You have seen the damage water spots will do. Prevent water spots with the Water Blade. The Water Blade is made of medical grade silicone that will not scratch paint or glass as it glides over the surface of your vehicle. The T-bar edge pushes an unbelievable amount of water as it contours to the curves of your vehicle.

What sets the Water Blade apart from all others is the ultra-flexible handle. Now the handle bends with the blade so that the Water Blade is able to hug more curves and whisk away more water. Sleek, curvaceous vehicles are no problem. The blade glides over curved and concave surfaces, taking 90% of water with it!

The Water Blade is safe on any surface. The soft silicone from which the blade was crafted does not retain any abrasive particles that may be on your paint. Compare that to towels and chamois.

The Water Blade will work best on a waxed or just-washed vehicle. You do not need to apply pressure when using the blade; just glide it over the wet surface and watch the water move! It may be necessary to wipe around mirrors and the grill with a microfiber towel to prevent drips. We highly recommend our Super Sucker Waffle Weave Towel. Its paint-safe and extremely absorbent.

You will find many uses for the Water Blade in your home, too. Use it to clean and dry mirrors to streak-free perfection. Use it to remove excess water from shower doors, glass doors, and windows. The second most common use of this blade is drying shower doors. Remove excess water to prevent water spots and keep your shower looking cleaner. Get a second Water Blade if you own a boat. It's a great way to quickly remove water from fiberglass or the windshield.

Here is a tip when cleaning glass: spray the glass or mirror with our RTU Glass Cleaner or our Streak Free Glass Cleaner. Start at the top of the glass and pull the Water Blade down. Have a towel handy to soak up the excess glass cleaner. Work in straight vertical lines. This technique will clean your glass and leave no streaks!

The Water Blade is the fastest way to remove excess water from virtually any surface! The super-flexible handle and blade will whisk away water from curves and cavities better than any other drying blade!
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