Winter Rinseless Car Cleaning Kit


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Road salt, black ice, and frequent snowfall can make maintaining your car a hassle during the inclimate weather months, but not anymore! Our new Winter Rinseless Car Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need to keep your precious car in tip-top shape this winter season. This kit features our Aloha Rinseless Wash and Wax, which allows you to wash your car without having to rinse it! You are able to eliminate the hosing down of the surfaces to remove the sudsy soap, because there isn’t any! Click on the items below to read more about their benefits and watch their how-to videos.

Also, included are the materials needed to not only clean, but also to protect against those stubborn salt stains on your carpets. Our Winter Rinseless Car Cleaning Kit is a must have for anyone looking for an affordable and easy way to keep your car clean and “standing tall” this winter season! The products included are for the interior and exterior to help keep your “baby” looking good and protected all winter long! Our Winter Rinseless Car Cleaning Kit also makes for a great Christmas Gift for the car lover!

ALOHA Waterless Wash & Wax is safe for use on all vehicle surfaces, paint, glass, plastic, gel coat, etc. Washing with ALOHA Concentrated Rinseless Wash & Wax is extremely quick, easy and environmentally friendly. ALOHA contains exclusive polymers that trap dirt to clean surfaces without rinsing and leave a smooth, glossy, and scratch-free finish every time.

Special Force PLUS
is a powerful, auto all-purpose exterior surface cleaner that is non-caustic. This product works well on fiberglass, cloth & vinyl convertible roofs, truck bed tonneau covers, bed liners, door jambs, boat interiors, hub caps, grills, plastic bumper covers, running boards, wheel wells and much more!

Salt Off is a high-quality, professional grade carpet and fabric cleaner that quickly removes stubborn salt stains. Great for your household and automotive needs this winter.

Hi-Tech Fabric Protector is the perfect choice for protecting carpet, upholstery, or velour. Helps protect from oil, grease, dirt, food and drink spills, and even salt stains!

Pink Power is a great interior cleaner that can be used to clean vinyl dash boards, center consoles, door components, steering wheels, vinyl headliners and practically all plastic and vinyl car interior components.

RTU Glass Cleaner
is a great glass cleaner that proves to clean even the dirtiest glass, plastic mirrors, and chrome with no smears or streaks.

Plush 3-in-1 Microfiber Wash Mitt is a great all-in-one premium tool for cleaning your whole car. The first side is a long, thick, super-soft microfiber that is great for catching all the dirt and grime from your vehicle. The opposite side features a grey microfiber sponge that works great on hard to reach places. On the sides of the mitt are nylon Bug Sponge Mesh spots that work great on removing bug splatter from your vehicle.

If you would purchase each of the items individually the total cost would be $86.57. You save $6.93 by purchasing this value priced kit.
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