Winter Survival Car Care Kit

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The Winter weather season so far has been horrible around the nation. Tons of sand and salt have been tossed around on the roads and it will truly affect the appearance of a vehicles exterior and interior. Not only will the recent weeks of bad winter weather affect the appearance, but the salt and sand will strip the shine, create chips in the paint, and severely reduce surface protection. You should not wait until Spring to have your vehicle thoroughly cleaned, polished, and protected.

We have created a value package with the Detail King products that you will need to keep your vehicle clean, protected, and looking great during the Winter season.

The Detail King Winter Survival Car Care Kit Includes:

•    Aqua Seal - This is a very unique product that will allow you to provide an "express" paint sealant service to the vehicle without having to use an orbital polisher or applying by hand and then having to remove by hand. The application and removal of Aqua Seal will be accomplished with one easy step. You apply Aqua Seal cream while the surface is still wet. This allows you to dry your vehicle, while you are sealing the paint! Aqua Seal offers a long lasting protective film to most automotive surfaces: paint, trim and chrome. Aqua Seal's unique application method is much easier to apply and remove (one step) than conventional paint sealant products. Protection and shine will last up to 16 washes!

•    Citrus Degreaser - is a caustic, very powerful, concentrated cleaner & degreaser, which can be used effectively to clean the dirtiest engine compartments, undercarriages, wheels, door jambs, wheel wells, fiberglass boat bodies, and horribly dirty white vinyl convertible roofs.

•    Tire and Whitewall Cleaner - is a super concentrated, caustic, heavy-duty cleaning product, that will aggressively and easily clean the dirtiest tires, white walls, and raised white lettered tires. This product contains a darkening agent and actually darkens the rubber so when the tires are dressed they actually look like new and have a great shine to them!

•    Black Cherry Car Wash Soap w/Wax - is an excellent premium car wash shampoo that will gently remove dirt, grime, and salt from painted surfaces while enhancing the vehicles shine and paint protection. This product can be used safely for regular hand washes or even as a prepping product prior to detailing the vehicle.

•    Magic Cleaner - is the best car interior cleaner that we offer. Magic Cleaner is an excellent, CONCENTRATED, all-purpose cleaning product that is very effective for cleaning automotive carpets, fabric seats, vinyl, and plastic trim. Magic Cleaner will deep clean very dirty, salty, greasy carpets & mats to like new condition, and it does it FAST! You can cut this product up to 5 parts water to 1 part solution and still be a very effective but economical car cleaning agent.

•    Pearl Gloss - is a premium, emulsion based car interior vinyl dressing that can be diluted to achieve a lower gloss and an excellent conditioned look. This product can be used to dress interior components like dash boards, consoles, door panels and virtually all soft or hard vinyl car interior components. Pearl Gloss Dressing is formulated to restore that new look without the greasy feel to it. This product can also be applied to leather surfaces with outstanding results. Pearl Gloss has an extremely pleasant lime berry scent, is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. You can reduce the concentration of Pearl Gloss to achieve a "semi-gloss" or "satin" finish for customers that request a lower sheen look.

Please note certain products in this kit are known as a Limited Quantity chemicals through the PA Dept. of Transportation and are not allowed to ship USPS, please choose UPS.

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