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Product Details
The Hot Shot Plus Stain Remover is an aerosol spray cleaner that quickly removes tough stains from automotive carpet.  Just spray onto heavy grease, grime, and liquid spills to make stains vanish and return your carpet to pristine status!

Features & Details:

Eliminate heavy stains that plague carpet.  Eradicate severe stains such as grease, grime, lipstick, tar, gum, oil, and mud.  The Hot Shot Plus is fantastic for spot cleaning.

Lift grime to the surface.  The Hot Shot Plus penetrates deep into stains and loosens contaminants that have bonded to individual fibers.  It lifts dirt and grime so that they are easy to wipe away.

Remove red stains that are fresh.  Red stains from wine, juice, ketchup, and jelly are difficult to remove from carpet.  The Hot Shot Plus will clean new red stains that haven’t sat long enough to be engrained into fibers.

Perfect cleaner prior to shampooing or extracting.  Extracting is the ultimate finishing touch to deep carpet cleaning.  Use the Hot Shot Plus to lift heavy surface pollution prior to using an extractor.

Quick and easy to use.  Applying the Hot Shot Plus doesn’t require any expertise.  Just spray, scrub, and wipe clean.  Ideal for both auto detailers and everyday drivers. 

For Best Results:

Vacuum any loose debris from your surface.

Spray Hot Shot Plus onto stain and work into the carpet with a Carpet and Upholstery Scrub Brush.  Wipe excess with a Microfiber Towel

Quick, easy, and effective!

Net Weight: 19 oz


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