Horse Hair Detail Brush

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The Small Horse Hair Brush for Vapor Steam Cleaners is compatible with all Vapamore Commercial Vapor Steam Systems.  Horsehair offers several natural benefits that are perfect for cleaning interior leather, vinyl, and plastic.  

Features & Details:

Gentle on interior surfaces.  When using the Small Horse Hair Brush with a steam vapor, you can safely clean and sanitize leather, cloth, vinyl, and plastic.  It can even be used to spot clean leather on furniture.

Reach into tight, narrow interior spaces.  When used with an accessory tool adapter, the Small Horse Hair Brush can clean hard to reach areas such as consoles, cupholders, ventilation ducts, dashboards, door jambs, kick panels, and even seatbelts!

Perfect choice for cleaning fine leather.  The Small Horse Hair Brush massages dirt and grime ingrained in leather, releasing body oils and contaminants without scratching or marring the finish.

Easily attaches to all Vapamore Steam Systems.  Detailers and Small businesses with multiple vapor steamers can use the Small Horse Hair Brush with any of Vapamore’s steamer systems.  

Durable and long-lasting.  Horsehair is extremely durable, ensuring this brush will last many, many details.  This unique combination of strength and softness is an asset for any detailer or car enthusiast!

*Note: This brush is not compatible with the Mytee Firebird VS1500 or Focus Steamer.


• Bristle Shaft Length: 2"
• Handle Length: 5"
• Bristle Length: 1/2"
• Total Length: 6"

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