Supreme Detail Brush Kit

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Our Car Detailing Brush Kit consists of 7 of our most popular auto detail brushes. You would use these brushes to detail cracks & crevices of both interior & exterior components of the vehicle.

Whats In The Box?

Tooth Brush Styled Horse Hair Brush (1) - has easy "finger-grip", making to comfortable when in use. . . Learn More
Dash & AC Vent Brush (1) - is a great cleaning and dusting brush that can be used on interior AC vents, around dash & radio buttons & knobs, instrument panels and door arm rest panels. . . Learn More
Large Tooth Brush Styled Horse Hair Brush (1) - was constructed with a toothbrush style, making it perfect to use to remove wax residue from cracks & crevices. . . Learn More
Tooth Brush Styled Nylon Brush (1) - for spots or getting into small inaccessible areas on carpet, upholstery and vinyl crevices and cracks. . . Learn More
Dual Purpose Tooth Brush Styled Brush (1) - is a one of a kind, dual purpose brush great for cleaning and detailing the smallest areas. . . Learn More
Horse Hair Detail Brush (1) - is constructed of fine, horsehair bristles that are staple-set in a wooden handle. . . Learn More
Paint Brush Styled Detail Brush (1) - is constructed of thick nylon bristles, great to be used on seat pleats, dash area, and console cracks & crevices. . . Learn More

What Do You Save?

Everything included would cost $36.27, you save $3.32

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