Car Detailing Clay Bars (3) One Of Each w/Wonder Lube



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This auto detailing clay bar kit includes (1) heavy duty clay bar, (1) medium duty clay bar and (1) extra light duty clay bar. It also includes (1) gal. of our Wonder Lube Clay Bar Lubricant, making claying of the vehicle effortless. You will have all of the clay bar grades to be able to tackle all detail jobs that require using a clay bar prior to providing the paint correction and protection service. The heavy duty clay bar should be used to remove heavy duty environmental contaminants from painted surfaces. The heavy duty clay bar should also be used to remove paint over spray. If you are preparing a vehicle for an exterior detailing service; claying the paint after the wash-up will not only benefit the vehicle but it will also save you labor time.

Your buffer or polisher will now glide easily over the painted surfaces because the surface is now slick and smooth. You will also use less product (compounds and polishes) because the clay removed much of the invisible “dirt” in the paint. Finally your buffing and polishing pads will not be “blocked up” with contaminants and drastically reduce the amount of times you need to clean your pad while buffing and make the pads last longer. With today’s paints having the base coat/clear coat paint system it is imperative to have the arsenal needed to get the paint smooth and slick with minimal effort. Detail King’s auto detailing clay bars will help you achieve that.

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