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Our professional Car Detailing Services Flyer on a CD is a customizable flyer featuring four very popular car detailing services. Most detailers are great craftsman but do not know how to develop a professional looking flyer that will produce immediate results. This one will! It is already designed with images and continuity and is set-up to keep the reader interested

This CD was developed with Adobe Illustrator software. Most individuals do not own this software because it is very expensive. You need the software to make any changes. Places like Fed Ex Kinko's, Staples, Office Depot, Office max and all professional copy centers and professional printers use this software every day. So here is what you need to do: 1 - print the flyer from your home computer printer from this CD and hand make the changes directly on the flyer or on another price of paper. 

Take the CD, the hand made changes and any logo that you have to a Fed Ex Kinko's for them to make the changes and copy your flyers. Depending on the amount of changes their cost could vary anywhere from $10-$30 plus the printing of the flyers. Never print on white paper. Your flyer color choices should be yellow, orange, blue, green, etc. Using plain white paper is not appealing to the eye and will look cheap. This CD will save you both time and money from having to start from scratch with unprofessional looking images and guessing what the contents and the lay-out of the flyer should be. 

Services on this flyer: You can change the names of the services if you desire to. 

Buff 'N Seal- This would be a 2 step service that you would offer your customer after you washed the vehicle. You would provide some form of paint correction with a buffer or polisher and then seal the vehicle as your final step with paint sealant or wax. You can change the name of the service and also the bullet points. 

Complete Interior- This would be your best interior cleaning and detailing service that would include vacuuming, headliner, seats, carpets, mats, console, dashboard, windows, mirrors, dressing and a complete "nook & cranny" detailing. Again, you can change the name of the service and even the text in the bullets. 

Complete Detail- This "Package" would include the Complete Interior & the Buff 'N Seal services. You will have many customers that will want both services so be sure you price this package right. Show a discount and promote it as a "value package." You can customize it any way you want just as you can with the other services on the flyer. 

Blitz Detail- The Blitz would be an "express" detailing service. You may offer with this package a wash, wax, tire dressing, carpets and mats shampooed, and the interior vinyl wiped down and dressed. This is for someone that wants their vehicle looking better than just washed. You will make the paint sparkle and refresh the interior. In today's economy you will sell many of these packages. 
The bottom of the flyer is where you can display your business name, your name all of you contact information including your logo and even your web site address. If you do not have a logo or web site then you can leave those areas blank or insert whatever you want. This flyer is totally customizable. 

You can leave in the Detail King logo if you wish. If you are using our products it will help separate you from the competition especially if they are using generic detailing products that are not eco friendly or bought at wall mart. 

Note: this CD cannot be returned under any circumstance
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