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The Fiber Pro Fiber Cleaner and Deodorizer uses innovative surfactant technology to lift stains and foreign objects from delicate sports cloth fabrics.  Many auto manufacturers now use new fabrics that look sleek and have several benefits but are much harder to keep clean. Some manufacturers the term “Sport Material” which is a hard fabric. This product offers a perfect solution, cleaning and deodorizing without leaving behind spots or damaging textures.  If you have a newer model car, you need to have this in your cleaning arsenal!

Features & Details:

Effectively clean new age car fabric without staining.  Many major auto manufacturers have made a transition to “sporty” fabrics for seats, which adapt to changing temperatures and conform to your body.  Conventional fabric cleaners cause spotting and harm these fabrics.  The Fiber Pro is designed to treat stains on these types of fabrics with a gentle touch that does not leave behind residue.

Surfactants latch onto stains and release them from individual fibers.  Surfactants are compounds that lower surface tension between liquids and solids.  They suspend contaminants on the surface of your fabric, allowing you to easily wipe them off.

The grimiest of stains have met their match.  The Fiber Pro will remove food, make-up, grease, oil, mud, coffee, rust, and much more.  This product is a life saver for customers with young children and/or pets!

Clean upholstery without altering its texture.  The Fiber Pro leaves fabrics and carpets soft, not rigid like other fabric cleaners.  It does not change the texture or color of your fabric and contains no harsh chemicals.

Keep your fabrics smelling fresh.  Pesky stains, as well as wear and tear, can leave your seats smelling less than crisp.  The Fiber Pro contains a deodorizer than neutralizes undesirable scents and keeps your seats smelling as good as they look!

For Best Results:

Vacuum before applying the Fiber Pro to remove any loose debris from your surfaces.

Spray the product onto your desired surface and let it set into the fabric for a few minutes.  Wipe your surface with a Car Interior Utility Scrub Brush or a Microfiber Towel

Dry with a clean towel, and then vacuum again.  You won’t be able to wait to sit on clean, fresh seats!

Available in a 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon.

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