Sprayway Car Glass Cleaner

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Product Details
The Sprayway Car Glass Cleaner Spray is a foaming aerosol spray that leaves glass and chrome spotless and residue-free.  This is a must-own for anyone who needs to add clarity to their windows in a pinch!

Features & Details:

Foaming action smothers stains.  The Sprayway Glass Cleaner Spray will foam on your glass, creating a lubricated surface that easily removes dirt, dust, and environmental fallout without scratching.

Safe to use on plastic and chrome.  Although labeled as a glass cleaner, this product will also work great on plastic and chrome surfaces such as grills, tailpipes, and chrome bumper trim.

Doesn’t smear or streak.  As the name implies, the Sprayway Glass Cleaner Spray finishes without leaving behind a nasty residue that requires further cleaning.  

Perfect for mobile detailers.  Some detailers take their business on the road, bringing their services to customers.  The Sprayway Glass Cleaner Spray is ultra-convenient and easy to travel with.

Produces a wonderful scent.  Who wants to work with a glass cleaner that is unbearable to smell?  The Sprayway Glass Cleaner Spray has a fresh scent that eases the cleaning process.

For Best Results:

This product contains alcohol.  Do not use on windows that have had tint installed, as it could be detrimental.

Spray the Sprayway Glass Cleaner directly on your surface and wipe with one of our Ultra Microfiber Black Diamond Glass TowelsFlip towel to dry.

Net Weight: 19 oz


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