Foam Pad Glaze/Polish II

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Product Details
The Foam Pad Glaze II is a unique, versatile product that is both a polish and a clear coat glaze.  It can remove light scratches and imperfections from your painted surfaces while adding a glossy, smooth finish.  Perfect for both a final step in the paint correction process or as a precursor to waxing and sealing.

Features & Details:

Two-in-one product with multiple functions.  The Foam Pad Glaze II contains polish, which protects your paint in preparation for waxing, and glaze, which cleans, fills remaining minor imperfections, and leaves a wet-looking shine on your clear coat.

Remove light paint blemishes.  The polish in the Foam Pad Glaze II is designed to remove minor scratches, oxidation, micro-surface imperfections, and water spots that remain after compounding.

Use as a final step in the paint correction process.  The Foam Pad Glaze II works great as the final polishing application after compounding.  It will remove buffer swirls and track marks from previous compounding steps.

Quick buffing step prior to waxing and sealing.  Some vehicles don’t necessitate the entire compounding process prior to waxing.  The Foam Pad Glaze II is ideal for adding depth and shine to your paint before protecting it with a wax or sealant, enriching the final product.

Ideal for detailers working in the hot sun.  The Foam Pad Glaze II contains a plethora of lubricants that ensure the product will not flash and dry before you are done buffing.  Detailers operating outside or in hot, humid climates will be amazed at how long this product can sit without drying out.

For Best Results:

Add a small amount of Foam Pad Glaze II to your polishing pad.  We suggest using a Lake Country White Polishing Pad and a Rupes Mark III Polisher.

Press and spread evenly on the panel you are working on.  Buff at a medium speed in a crosshatch pattern.  After several passes, the product will begin to diminish.

Wipe the surface with a Microfiber Towel and admire your brand-new looking, brilliant paint job!

Available in a Pint, Quart, 1 Gallon, and 4 Gallon Case.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

If you would purchase 4 Gallons individually the total cost would be $175.80 You save $13.85 by purchasing the 4 Gallon value case.

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