Slick Stixxx Brush Attachments


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The Slick Stixxx Car Interior Brush Attachment Kit is the latest innovation from Slick Stixxx to help clean heavy build-up from areas that cannot be reached using conventional tools or by hand.

The bristles are made of nylon and should not mar most surfaces. The protective end cap on the tip guards against damage. You receive 2 brushes one 3"L x 1/2"W and the other 6"L x 1"W. These brushes can also be used by hand and not with the Slick Stixxx Kit. Perfect brushes to get into tight spaces especially for the concourse detailer. 

NOTE: The extensions that you see in a few of these images are NOT included with these 2 brushes. You get the extensions when you purchase the Slick Stixxx Kit also in this dept.