Shine On Car Interior Non Silicone Dressing

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Product Details
The Shine On Interior Dressing is a silicone-free, body shop safe dressing that restores a high gloss to interior plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces.  It can even be used to add a lustrous shine to your tires!

Features & Details:

Non-silicone formula is safe for use in body shops.  The Shine On Interior Dressing is silicone-free and does not contain petroleum distillates or toxins that can create hazardous situations in body shops.  Essential for auto detailers.

Refurbish dull and weathered interior surfaces.  The Shine On Interior Dressing adds a luxurious shine to interior vinyl and plastic.  Great to use on door interiors, as well.  Your passengers will be impressed!

Restore brilliance to your floormats.  Rubber floormats get bombarded with dirt and grime on a daily basis.  The Shine On Dressing is perfect for floormats because it adds shine without the slippery properties of silicone-based products.  The last thing you want to do is transfer slippery solutions to your gas pedal and brake!

Doubles as a tire dressing.  Not only can you take care of your interior with Shine On Dressing, you can also treat your tires.  This product will transform your dull rubber from gray into the rich, jet black color it had when it was new.

Leaves a sweet scent on your surfaces.  You want your interior to smell as good as it looks!  The Shine On Dressing has a mild sweet fragrance that is very pleasant to work with.

For Best Results:

Spray dressing onto an applicator, such as our Pocket Interior Dressing Applicator or our Automotive Tire Dressing Applicator.  Rub evenly onto your desired surface, until a high gloss is achieved. 

That’s it!  Enjoy a glowing surface in a matter of minutes.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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