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Offering Ozone treatments for your customers can be very profitable. This car ozone generator is a professional unit that will eliminate foul odors that have accumulated in vehicles interiors. Mildew, pet odors, urine, vomit and smoke odors are no match for this unit.
The FM2 does the job right the first time! This unit gives a ozone output of  0 to 2000 mgph. It can be operated at full strength to provide a high ozone shock treatment to an area, or can be adjusted to run continuously at lower levels for smoke and odor removal. Offering ozone treatments can be an excellent marketing niche for the professional detailing business. With the FM2 you can adjust the output to a lower level if this unit was being used in a building while other rooms of that building were being occupied.
The difference between this unit and the FM1 is this FM2 has the adjustable output, with the same max output of 2,000 MPGH. The only difference between this model and the Pro4 below is this unit like the FM1 has no timer.
None of our ozone generators require expensive filters. A small fan filter is supplied with every unit and simply needs to be washed occasionally. The ozone plates located inside the ozone generator should be removed and cleaned with soap and water every 3 months, or more often, if there is a noticeable drop in ozone output. They must be thoroughly dry before they are reinstalled. The plates need to be replaced about every two years, or when ever the output no longer recovers to the original level, after they are cleaned. 
Since these ozone generators operate on very high voltage, they must always be unplugged before the cover is removed, to avoid electrical shock. Avoid using these machines in areas with high humidity, as it and can shorten the life of the transformer and the electronics.


• Case Construction: Stainless Steel
• Coverage: 3500 sq. ft for odors, 500 sq.ft. for mold
• Electrical: 120 V AC, 40 watts, 2 Amp Fused
• Ozone Output: Adjusts from 100 to 2000 milligrams per hour
• Dimensions: 8" L x 10" W x 5.5" H
• Weight: 8 lbs.

“Due to California Carb regulations we cannot ship this item to a private residence in California, but we can ship this item to a business address in California.”
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