STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant

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Product Details
The STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant is formed with an extremely durable blend of polymers and resin that provides long-lasting protection for your vehicle’s painted surfaces.  It is the perfect choice for the final step of the paint correction process to protect your clear coat from the elements and add a striking shine to your surface.

Features & Details:

Tremendous choice for part three of the paint correction process.  After compounding and polishing, use the STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant to protect all your hard work.  This final step is vital to defending your clear coat against future damage and preparing for ceramic coating.

Pick a sealant that lasts.  The STS 3000 will protect your surface from nine months to one year.  This means that, realistically, you will only need to use this sealant once per year.  Talk about bang for your buck!

Unique formula is durable and glossy.  The STS 3000 contains a blend of polymers, resin, and Zonyl that guards your surface against water, dirt, and road spray.  It also buffs to a high shine and adds depth to your paint’s color before adding ceramic coating.

Replace waxing.  The STS 3000 can be used in lieu of waxing, which adds extra steps and costs more money.  This product is very cost-effective for auto detailers and car enthusiasts who frequently need to add protection to their paint for a professional finish.

Seal your boat or motorcycle.  The STS 3000 isn’t just a great finishing tool for cars, but also boats and motorcycles.  Boats take a beating in the water, and motorcycles are extremely vulnerable to road spray.  Add the STS 3000 to protect your boat from scratching and keep the chrome on your bike clear enough to glare at the sun.

For Best Results:

Shake the bottle of STS 3000 and apply several small dabs to a polishing pad.  We suggest using the Lake Country Ultra Soft Sealant Pad and a Flex Dual Action Polisher.

Apply the product to your surface using a low setting.  After applying to your entire vehicle, wait 10 to 20 minutes for it to dry to a haze.

Buff the sealant off with a Microfiber TowelCruise around town knowing your paint is safe and shining!

Available in a Pint, Quart, 1 Gallon, and 4 Gallon Case.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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