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NOTE: For best results the surface must be GRAINY for the dye to adhere to. If the surface is smooth this product will apply smeary and will not adhere to the surface.

The Trim Kote Black Car Trim Restorer offers exceptionally long-lasting restoration of grainy, black plastic and vinyl trimming on your vehicle’s exterior.  This product is a permanent dye, meaning it will revive and defend your surfaces for years!  Say goodbye to your faded, dull trimming for good.

Features & Details:

Rejuvenate weathered and grayed trimming.  Black plastic and vinyl surfaces that have faded to dismal, muted gray shades drag down the appeal of your entire vehicle.  Trim Kote Black Restorer will return glory to your surfaces, making them look brand new off the dealership lot.

Unbelievable durability lasts years.  That’s right – Trim Kote Black doesn’t last days, weeks, or months, but years!  Because it is a dye and not a dressing, it has a more permanent finish.  It bonds to your surface and doesn’t wash off.

Use on virtually any exterior plastic or vinyl surface.  Trim Kote Black is perfect for restoring plastic mirror holdings, door handles, wheel flairs, body side moldings, bed liners, plastic rocker panels, and much more.  All your needs in one bottle.

Protection from harsh elements.  Unlike similar products that simply cover-up weathered surfaces, Trim Kote Black gets to the root of the problem.  It will not wash off in rain or snow, protects against unforgiving UV rays, and maintains a deep, black color.

Economical and cost-effective.  Because Trim Kote Black lasts so long, you will not need to constantly reapply it to maintain results – saving time and money.  A little bit goes a long way, extending the life of your bottle.  One 16 oz. bottle can restore up to 800 door handles!

For Best Results:

Use safe release painters tape to mask off areas in proximity to the surface you are treating that you do not want to be dyed.  Trim Kote Black is a dye, and if it dries, it will be very difficult to remove.  If this does happen, wipe off immediately.

First, clean your surface with rubbing alcohol to remove oils that can affect bonding.
Wear gloves when using this product.  Apply a small amount of Trim Kote Black to a shop towel and rub it into your surface.  You can apply as many coats as desired.  Allow about 10 to 15 minutes for the product to dry.

To add extra shine to your surfaces, apply our Revival Bumper and Trim Restorer after applying Trim Kote Black.  This will really make your surfaces glossy and attractive.  Apply the Revival after every other car wash so that you stay shining all year round!

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For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

Do not allow this product to freeze, if it does freeze the product will not return to a liquid state and cannot be used.

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